Civil Societies

Civil Society Engagement

Welcome to the page dedicated to increasing engagement of civil society in effective development co-operation. Here, you can network with like-minded community members, and find relevant resources, discussions and events.

Why is Engagement of Civil Society Important for More Effective Development Co-operation?

For the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, the active engagement and contributions of civil societies are critical. Civil society’s engagement in effective development co-operation is an essential part of ensuring inclusiveness in development partnerships, representing the voices of the beneficiaries of development activities on the ground and ensuring accountability for the use of all resources. As service providers at the local level, the engagement of civil society also ensures that national development priorities and plans maximise administrative efficiency and promote social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

GPEDC Steering Committee Member
Representing Civil Societies

Ms. Monica Novillo

Co-Chair of CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness

Achieving the SDGs will not merely require the participation of CSOs. It will require their thorough and active engagement, drawing upon local knowledge and networks, commitment to people-centred development and social justice and advocacy for transparent and accountable development.


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