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Welcome to the page dedicated to increasing engagement of trade unions in effective development co-operation. Here, you can network with like-minded community members, and find relevant resources, discussions and events.

Why is the Engagement of Trade Unions Important for More Effective Development Co-operation?

Trade unions are development actors in their own right. Through their everyday work in upholding freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, engaging in social dialogue and promoting decent work, they are essential to achieving sustainable development and are an important stakeholder for increasing the effectiveness of development co-operation. Trade unions are key advocates for responsible engagement of the private sector in development activities, helping ensure the creation of decent jobs with minimum wages and collective bargaining, and that universal social protection, due diligence and accountability are driving business operations. Trade unions represent the voices and interests of hundreds of millions of workers from across the globe, which is why their engagement is essential to ensure inclusive partnerships for development.

GPEDC Steering Committee Member
Representing Trade Unions

Ms. Paola Simonetti

Co-ordinator Development Policy, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

The SDGs represent a key avenue to foster a new developmental model demanded by trade unions worldwide – a model that advocates for development partnerships in all countries to prioritise the rights of their workers.


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